I had been suffering from horrible swollen tonsils & awful tonsil stones for two years. I was getting sick roughly once a month from it & was constantly in pain. I had seen many other doctors who refused to listen to me when I said I needed my tonsils out. They would just incorrectly diagnose me & give me more medications that didn’t work. When I met with Dr. McBrien, she agreed to take them out. The surgery was quick and efficient and I haven’t had any issues since!Read More →

I was very pleased with Dr Sobol’s professionalism and care for my son. He treated my son with the best care and the surgical procedure could not gone smoother. I don’t understand why Dr. Sobol received such negative reviews. However I can tell you, this Dr knows his stuff and gets the job done. Sometimes people need to understand that doctors are people too and at many times are misunderstood if one does not spend the time to know them or at least research their track record. Thanks Doctor.Read More →